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Starting around mid December lasting until the end of March.  The temperatures are mild normally between 10 and 0 C/50-32 F and only seldom below freezing point.  We might get a bit of snow only occasionally and strong winter storms may occur.

Normally from around the end of March till mid May.  Temperatures rise to about 15–10 C/60-50 F, the trees get their green leaves and beautiful spring flowers cover the ground.

In the middle of May it normally start to get warmer and we Norwegians call it summer with temperatures between 25 and 15 C/80-60 F.  The days are long and at midsummer the sun rises at 4am and sets at 11pm. In the sea there is a multitude of fish, the meadows are green and the forest is lush.

In the end of September the temperatures start dropping, the days are getting shorter as the leaves turn into bright yellow and red colors.  There are normally abundant of delicious mushroom and berries in the forest.  Temperatures normally around 15–10 C/60-50 F.

The weather is unpredictable and is dominated by the wandering high and low pressures coming in from the Atlantic.  Staying one week at Villa Sortland you will normally experience all kinds of weather, sunshine and rain, windy and still – always a lot of contrasts.

The Experience